Martha Griffin-DCU

Dr. Siobhán Russell 

Assistant Professor, Mental Health & Nursing

School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health

Dublin City University 

Dr. Mary Farrelly

I am an Assistant Professor of Mental Health Nursing at Dublin City University and a member of the Dublin North/North East Recovery College team.  I have worked in the mental health services in various roles before moving to education.  I am also a facilitator with the Hearing Voices Network Ireland.

Dr. Mark Philbin

Lecturer in Health & Society

School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health

Dublin City University

Dublin 9

Chris O’Donell

Chris is a peer support worker in homelessness, trauma and dependencies. She has a background in linguistics and journalism, and an interest in healing through connection and humour.

Claire Naughton recently appointed as National Coordinator for RAI.
Claire has a history of working in community and voluntary addiction services with a particular focus on women and children.
Claire is a keen advocate for promoting Recovery and challenging stigma.

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Sabine Dick

Association Chaque Jour Compte


Liisa Kallio

M.Soc.Sc, Finland, liisa.kallio(at)

My professional background is in social sciences and I have worked a lot with addiction care as well as leadership and management. I believe in a power of communities and peer support as well as in recovery orientated practices. Nowadays I work as professional coach and supervisor and an event producer.

Lauri Kuosmanen

Adjunct Professor, PhD, RN, FEANS, Committee Member, Finland, lauri.kuosmanen(at)

My professional background is in mental health nursing and I have work experience from different positions in health care for 30 years now. I did my PhD in nursing science in 2009 and received title of docent (adjunct professor) in 2013. My research interests are related to bio-ethics, human rights, digitalisation and evaluation of health services. Besides Evipro, I am working as university lecturer at University of Eastern Finland, Department of Nursing Science.








Stephen Finlayson



Nikki Kilburn