Aim and Methodology

This is an Erasmus+ Project-Cooperation partnership in adult education. This project aims to embed an emancipatory educational framework in communities for people marginalised and excluded because of mental health and substance misuse issues.

Overall objectives:

  1. Establishment of an overarching participatory action research(PAR)process that incorporates students, associate partners, partners and any other relevant stakeholders in the educational process and project outcomes
  2. Establish proof of concept evaluation framework adopting Participatory Action Research methods.
  3. Implementation of educational Processes.
  4. Development of Good Practice Guidelines based on the project process and proof of concept.

People who experience mental health and substance misuse challenges often find themselves in exclusionary positions within their communities and society generally, where diversity of experience and lifestyle are not accommodated. Sub sequentially, community/society and self stigma and discrimination brings about marginalisation that creates difficulties for people within these communities to thrive; to connect with community; to overcome ‘otherness’; to achieve equal citizenship rights status and opportunity. Moreover, contemporary health.